Alternative practitioner

You visit Munich or live in Munich and look for an english speaking alternative practitioner?

I welcome you in our wonderful Munich area and can offer you the following treatments  and more.

I had a 3,5 years education and the licence of a German "Heilpraktiker" which is an alternative practitioner. I regularly participate ongoing natural healing trainings

Treatments usually begin with an initial anamnesis, lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Following appointments are usually 50 minutes each.

Ear acupuncture

 The ear acupuncture can support you :

 to stop smoking, with allergies, pain, issues with menses, depressive periods and more


Homeopathy can support you with: pain relief, allergies, fears, issues with menses, rheumatism, mental issues, psychosomatic diseases, chronic diseases etc.

Homeopathy is ideal for a constitutional therapy for example a  treatment of diseases that are accessible via your own self regulation of the organism.

EFT- Emotional freedom techniques

EFT can support you with: pain relief, allergies, fears,mental issues

Dietetic treatment

Dietetic treatment can support  you to loose weight, obstipation, stomach pain etc. I can offer you for example personal nutrition plans which are in balance with your individual issue.

The praxis is found in the southern part of Munich.  From Munich Maximilianstraße it takes 30 minutes with a taxi to get to my praxis. The natural healing praxis is located in Deisenhofen - Oberhaching.


Something in your live is stopping you to do the right things, there is a blockade to loose weight or to stop smoking. There are several issue why you may want to try a relief using the Hypnosis Therapy.

cONTAcT - private PRActice SABINE Schwedler (ex BORNHAK)

Tel : +4989 20 96 17 20

Mobil: +49 151-70880048

Email: info (@)

Münchner Naturheilkunde

Sabine Schwedler

Abt-Petto-Str. 31

82041 Oberhaching ( South of Munich)

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I offer non medical treatments and will not replace a doctor. The natural healing methods are completely different from conventional medicine.  Scientific evidence and their effectiveness are not given.